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Á la Carte Services

Are you looking to heal, find your purpose, and navigate your life with more ease?

You've got questions, and Mystic Mars has practical answers!

These individual services are great for those who are new to my work and would like to

get a "taste test" of what I have to offer...

Who's Mystic Mars? I'm an all-encompassing mystic who consults the numbers, planets, chakras, and oracles

for guidance. I like to call my signature offering the Whole Mystic Enchilada since I literally use every tool

available to me as a mystic.

However, I understand that some people are interested in a lo
wer-cost offering before taking the big plunge...  

Each of the services listed below are offered Á la Carte, meaning they're now

being offered individually (rather than strictly as a whole package).

Each individual reading is $66.

Oracle Reading

During a personal oracle reading, I tap into your situation with my intuition and pull guidance cards to help guide and clarify. Various archetypes, numbers, angel guides, and animals may appear.

I use a variety of decks and spreads, all dependent on your current needs. 


Chakra Tune Up

Service Name

During this reading, I tap into your energy remotely and do an intuitive assessment of each chakra and how it's functioning. Included is a chakra balancing treatment, an auric field cleanse, and a video rundown of my findings and suggestions. 


Core Numbers

This numerology reading includes information about the core numbers that you were born with - Life Path, Soul Urge/Heart's Desire, Expression, Quiet Self, and other influential numbers.


I also include your Personal Year number (what you're working with now) and how you can use this power number in a practical way. 


"Big Four" Astrology

In this reading, I focus on your "Big Four" -  Sun, Moon, Rising, and Midheaven. Most astrologers focus on the "Big Three," but I find that offering insight into the midheaven is useful when career, reputation, and public image are in question. Depending on your specific situation, I may also examine other natal placements or current transits. 

Please note that birth time and location MUST be known in order to provide you with insight pertaining to the rising sign and the midheaven. I urge you to find your birth certificate if possible!


Chakra Tune Up
Mystic Mars is something, truly one of the most beautiful gifts in this world. She has a gentle demeanor which always makes one feel at ease, always encouraging and exceedingly kind. She really goes above and beyond to help you whether it is insight needed, to cards, to oracles, to readings to numerology, to astrology and more.. I highly recommend her as she has such a dynamic persona that is a rarity in the spiritual community in my opinion.

Annie M., Artist and Writer

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