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Full Moon in Aquarius: The Me vs. the We

So, this full moon happens to coincide with the FINAL day of the Mercury retro shadow phase. Butttt, not so fast - Uranus is now in full-swing retrograde, joining Saturn, Neptune, Pluto, and Chiron in the ol' backwards swim. Big (and sometimes intimidating) changes are coming.

While the previous full moon (and eclipse) urged us to focus on balance in our home and work lives, this one goes outside of the "me" and delves into the "we."

And, since Uranus rules over Aquarius, we're in for quite a ride this time around. This electric planet in retro asks us to curb the rebellion a bit in favor of getting our message across in a more easily-digestible way.

Got something important to say? Some revelation that's aching to get out? Let it turn over in your mind a few times before shouting it from the nearest mountaintop. Changing your delivery may prove key here. Your community will thank you for the consideration.

Read on for a full interpretation...

New Moon in Aquarius

The Deets:

  • Date: 8/15/2019

  • Time: 5:31am pst

  • Degree: 22° Aquarius

The Main Aspects:

  • Sun in Leo opposite Moon in Aquarius (the me vs. the we)

  • Sun conjunct Venus in Leo (hungry for love)

  • Sun and Venus conjunct Mars in Leo (fighting for our values)

  • Jupiter square Neptune (false hopes)

  • Chiron trine Mercury (speaking up for our beliefs)

  • Uranus retrograde in Taurus (welcoming change)

  • Uranus square Mercury (intense revelations)

The Numerology:

8/15/2019 = 26 = 8

The last two full moons peaked on a Universal Day 8, too! Talk about a surge of power. And this time, the 8 is composed of the 2 and the 6, which speaks to our innate urge to collaborate and bring harmony to these collaborations.

As I always mention, I feel that the full moon period is a great time for pausing and pouring energy into your goals and expressing gratitude rather than letting go (the waning moon is great for that), but it's not a bad idea to make a list of who and what you are ready to release once the moon begins to lose light.

The Hidden Message:

The Chandra messages for this event are...

  • 22° Aquarius (what we're moving away from): A woman making lace. Withheld from the personality spotlight. To you intrinsic, fine things matter exquisitely and being somebody does not. A highly distinctive form of service keyed to a slow, steady, inward sensibility. Very little connection with the here and now. Eternal foundations. Needing to be humble, sober, and plain in order best to be transparent and effective, you are remarkably detached from your own reputation or outward impression. Dreaming new worlds into being. Cast loose on an infinite sea. Yet being circumspect, quiet, and not particularly noticeable. A super subtle edge between poverty and riches, surface and depth. Knowing your way in the dark. And intent upon completing each task and carrying it through; nothing more, nothing less.

  • 23° Aquarius (what we're moving towards): Ancient runes carved at random on gray rocks. Learning ultimate things the hard way. You have to put yourself totally into every realm to experience it for yourself, with a zeal for empirical wisdom or the wild edge of the scientific method. The experimental test case is yourself. And you are out there all alone in vast, uncharted territory, just the way you like it. You've been granted the chance to prove things, to follow them out quite far, bearing a determined intelligence with karmically-trained faculties of subtle perception. However, objectively speaking, this is an intensively arduous and relentless way to do it, without safeguards or precedents, relying upon the moment's edge. If you can be tirelessly strong, doing it this ruggedly will prove to be the only way to go if you wish to uncover future territory without imprinting bias or distortion upon it. You just have to invent the wheel in yet another dimension.

Source: Inside Degrees by Ellias Lonsdale.

In my words:

We're done trying to perfect; leaning painstakingly over our creations and making sure every thread is in place. We aim instead to grab the nearest tool and get to work - moving from the pretty to the purposeful. Hungry to share our knowledge over our art. However, in our haste to speak our revelations, we must remember to dictate in a meaningful way. Using a language that all can understand. The unspoken language of the subconscious that gets to the heart of the matter.

During this full moon, ask yourself...

HOW can I contribute to the collective?

WHAT do I need to let go of to welcome change?

Love you to the moon,

P.S. Speaking of moons, moons, moons, do you know what phase of the moon you were born under? Find out which of the 8 lunar gifts you hold!

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