Full Moon in Sagittarius: Are You Here or There?

Alright, there's sooo much going on with this full moon. AND, this happens to be the full moon that I was born under! Full in Sagittarius conjunct the mysterious "Galactic Center." (Happy birthday to me.)

Aside from the full moonness, we also have three major planets that are still in retrograde, lots of important conjunctions, and Neptune doing its thing to, like, everything.

Good thing I'm breaking it down for you! Read on...

New Moon in Aquarius

The Deets:

  • Date: 6/17/2019

  • Time: 1:31 am pst

  • Degree: 25° Sagittarius

The Main Aspects:

  • Sun and Venus in Gemini (conscious desires)

  • Moon conjunct Jupiter in Sagittarius (our cups runneth over)

  • Pluto, Saturn, South Node conjunct in Capricorn (where do you think you're going?)

  • Neptune sextile Pluto, Saturn, South Node (unwavering devotion)

  • Mercury, Mars, North Node conjunct in Cancer (it's right in front of you)

  • Neptune trine Mercury, Mars, North Node (deep dive into the future)

  • Neptune square Moon & Jupiter (check yourself)

  • Chiron Semisextile Uranus (miraculous recoveries)

The Numerology:

6/17/2019 = 17 = 8

8 is the number of power, business, karma (notice the shape of the 8 - what goes around comes around). Since this number is composed of the 1 and the 7, this is the perfect opportunity to spend some time in seclusion in order to get things done, especially in the area of business or career. If you work from home, this energy will be especially powerful for you, highlighting the areas of your business that need some tightening up.

As I always mention, I feel that the full moon period is a great time for pausing and pouring energy into your goals rather than letting go (the waning moon is great for that), but it's not a bad idea to make a list of who and what you are ready to release once the moon begins to lose light.

The Hidden Message:

The Chandra messages for this event are...

  • 25° Sagittarius (what we're moving away from): A small boat with no one in it. It is gradually drifting out to sea. When life is a dream, not too much of selfhood is asked for or welcome. Ancestors, previous lifetimes, collective currents feed the dream, keep it alive. The self hugs a secretive outpost of neither being with nor being against. One of the remarkable things that happens is that spirit can speak and reveal much. One of the habits which easily proliferates here is to take no responsibility for anything. And one of the primal paths through is to drift deeper down in and to let all ego go, yet move with the soul as it is guided to each and every place it is meant to travel.

  • 26° Sagittarius (what we're moving towards): Climbing the steps of the pyramid of the sun. Classical Maya civilization reenacted in fresh forms. Always having the Greater Sun beating down, always aware of the vaster picture. You tap a sensibility that is profound and extraordinary, the greater Gods and the human scene juxtaposed mightily. In tune with progressive evolutionary currents, you work very hard to reinstate the sacred upon the next spiral. Tuned in to what is really happening here. An expanded space for dreaming, remembering, conceiving, visualizing, and creating. Absolutely knowing that the galactic forces are integral to every breath, and moving toward true galactic citizenship with a passion.

Source: Inside Degrees by Ellias Lonsdale.

In my words:

Rather than peacefully drift off into the sunset, we're being guided to take CONCRETE action to get to where we want to go. No more waiting for the wind to billow the sails. No more tossing away the compass and all semblance of responsibility. It's time to CLIMB. Sure-footed and full of fire.

At the top of this well-built pyramid, we find the Galactic Center; the center of the Milky Way. The true "sun" around which our galaxy rotates. The place of connectivity and large-scale intuition. The heart of the galaxy. The heart of the self.

Ask yourself...

HOW can I rekindle my desire to be a citizen of this earth? Of this galaxy?

WHAT are the concrete steps that will put me on the right path before I risk drifting aimlessly?

Love you to the moon,

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