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New Moon in Aquarius: Find a New Way

Sandwiched between the popular super-full-wolf-blood-moon eclipse last month and yet another supermoon this month, we have an anything-but-ordinary new moon in Aquarius.

New Moon in Aquarius

The Deets:

  • Date: 2/4/2019

  • Time: 1:03 pm pst

  • Degree: 15° Aquarius

The Main Aspects:

  • Moon + Sun in Aquarius (rebel, rebel)

  • Moon + Sun + Mercury in Aquarius (say what?)

  • Moon + Sun sextile Jupiter (so sexy)

  • Moon + Sun semi-sextile Saturn (pretty sexy)

  • Moon + Sun semi-sextile Neptune (definitely sexy)

The themes here are nonconformity, speaking up for your beliefs, putting some action behind your desires, laying brand-new groundwork, and making sure your dreams fit in to the overall scheme.

The Numerology:

2/4/2019 = 18 = 9

9 is the number of completion, the big picture, closure. Since the number is composed of 1 and 8 for this date (I rhymed), this marks the perfect time to face anything that is alienating you and preventing you from achieving abundance. Although I feel that the new moon is a great period for tilling the soil rather than planting the seeds, it doesn't hurt to have a gameplan ready to put into place as soon as the moon starts to become illuminated once more.

The Hidden Message:

The Chandra messages for this conjunction are...

  • 15° Aquarius (what we're moving away from): A jade burial suit. You feel propelled into a self-consistent, thematic existence with a characteristic flair or touch, stuck with being a certain way and following this out to the end. The mind is logical, rational, and linear. The life is the same. Yet what happens to you along the way is that so many pasts and so many futures wander through that the basic karmic pattern of holding true to a fixed nature is counterpointed by intimations, overtones, and undertones of everything but that. You cleave tightly to a purposive track, while almost flooded with alternatives and diversions. A rocklike nature. Ego-driven. Mentally compulsive yet peripherally open to the wildest array of worlds, you are someone who cannot stop doing and saying the same things in the same ways, and it can go on for just about forever. Yet inside of that, you have virtues and gifts galore, held for the indefinite future cautiously, prudently, and discouragingly.

  • 16° Aquarius (what we're moving towards): Ground up gemstones to be used as medicine. Technical proficiency across a broad spectrum of forms and ways. Knowing how to do just about anything, you are involved with the precise combinations in a dazzling display of capacity. You seek to find new ways, innovations, and fresh approaches, yet you are steeped in tradition and ancient wisdom. Somewhat swept away with the whole enterprise, where the mere linear intelligence takes charge and views everything on its terms. Intent upon results, looking for proof, insistent that the objective, factual, practical realities are everything. You feel compelled by your vantage point to apply a fierce ideology to every manifest particular. Seeing examples, variations, confirmations, and validations of the theory, the principle, the standpoint. Driving home verbally, brilliantly, the argument. Caught in the dialectics of truth and falsehood. And comprehensively enclosed within a one-sided and self-justifying thrust of mind that is so good at playing this game that you will win and prevail. Yet, something is missing; much is denied.

Source: Inside Degrees by Ellias Lonsdale

In my words:

OKAY THIS IS NOT AS SCARY AS IT SOUNDS. Death, karma, medicine, I know. But this is a chance to move away from the stubborn nature of "fixed" sign Aquarius and use the traits that already exist in us in order to pave a new path.

Instead of holding tightly onto what we have - aka, that beautiful "jade suit" that holds us in and keeps others out - we instead take off the armor and start putting it to practical use; grinding it up into an elixir that will open our eyes to new possibilities (and stronger connections with those who will help us on this path).

However, before we can let this medicine seep in and warm us from the inside out, we have to let go of expectation. When we visualize too hard, too precisely, we snuff out the flame of divine creativity.

The gist: Welcome in some wiggle room. Trust that expansion is possible. Pay attention to whatever feels uncomfortable - you'll find your new path here.

Love you to the moon,

P.S. Speaking of moons, moons, moons, do you know what phase of the moon you were born under? Find out which of the 8 lunar gifts you hold!

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